Who wants to take a ride on the Francisco (hull 69)?!?

Having been designed by Australia’s Incat ferry builder, its no wonder this is the worlds fastest commercial passenger ship! All joking aside, this ship is an quite an engineering feat; 58 Knots, 107 Kilometers, 66 MPH.  This ship hauls across the water!!

With a 1,000 passenger and 150 car capacity, this boat will undoubtedly be the go-to luxury ferry of choice. Safely carrying its passengers from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, it will offer a HUGE duty free shopping area, all while running on liquified natural gas fuel (LNG) and keeping its environmental impact to a minimum. Incat clearly demands quality, and that evacuation systems test kind of looks like a lot of fun!

Not fast enough for you? How about THIS??

Fastest Hydroplane on EARTH!!

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