Top 5 Worst Fishing Buddies

We showed you the best; here are the friends that fail EVERY time you take them fishing!

#5.  The girl who THINKS she can fish

Sure, she makes great eye candy, but do YOU want to fish, or just help out?

#4. Your Krazy Russian friends

We love our Russian friends, and they bring great vodka, but we just can’t hang!  Half the time, it’s great, but the other half, THIS happens:

#3. The klutz

Obvious enough, right?  He could have his own compilation!

#2. Let’s-try-something-new-Guy

Let’s try ICE FISHING! It’ll be fun! No, really!

#1. The More Money Than Brains Guy

Sure, he’s got a nice boat, but does he know how to use it??

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The Captain’s Quarters

Those guys MIGHT be related to THESE guys:

Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE FAIL Dubstepified!

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