Top 5 Best Fishing Buddies

Sure, you and your buddies love to go fishing, but which of them make the BEST companions?

#5. The Cougar

She knows what she wants, and how to get it! And, she loves fishing and she’s pretty easy on the eyes.

#4. The Hottie

This may not be a good idea for you married guys, but what more could the single guys ask for?  She’s down to fish, and if she’s REALLY into it, she might be into bowfishing and she might even bring a friend!

#3. Your Nerdy Friend

He’ll think of new ways of fishing you never THOUGHT of before!!

#2. Your Dog

They don’t call him Man’s Best Friend for nothing!

#1. Your Kids!

Is there ANY BETTER way to spend time with your kids?  After all, didn’t YOUR love of fishing start with your parents?!?

Whatever you do, don’t take THESE GUYS!:

Turn Down For FAIL!!


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