The Dock Is a Breakthrough New Method of Surfing You’ll Probably Never See Again!

When making surfing movies, it is challenging to come up with something nobody has ever seem before.  But that’s just what Volcom and Stab Magazine did when they decided to build a half ton plastic raft with CanDock that’s 100 feet long, and anchor it right in the middle of the surf break in Bali, and made this video called The Dock.

Yes, there is no paddling, but it can kick when the wave hits it just right, and launch you six feet in the air.  Or worse, you could hit the wire holding it, or the dock could hit you. Don’t think a dock anchored in the break could be sketchy? just watch:

In contrast, just your regular awesome surfing movie:

Is there any better way to stay fit than SURFING??

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