When your tender is nicer than most people’s boats, you know you’re living the luxury lifestyle.  Now, we told you about the J’ade before, but this may be a little more affordable: Now, our only question is, does it REALLY take 6 people to do this?!?

Parking Your Boat In Your Boat – Ultimate Tender Recovery

Back in 2014, this mega yacht was being towed back into dock when the drawbridge malfunctioned and led to this spectacular fail. The east span of the Broad Causeway Bridge failed to get to its locked position. Thankfully the bridge operator, who had 20 years worth of experience, engaged the […]

Bridge Fail Causes Monster Problem for Rockstar Yacht!

ARTICLE UPDATE: Rough Seas ahead for Sailing Yacht A!!    Keep reading to hear about the trouble she’s had since being launched! Andrey has outdone himself this time around!  After trading in is motorboat (ship, yacht?), his new superyacht, named Sailing Yacht A, is a staggering 468 feet long and has […]

Just What Happened To Sailing Yacht A??

Meet “Mega Yacht A” (or Motor Yacht A, or even Superyacht A) designed by Philippe Starck, built by Blohm and Voss for the billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Mega Yacht A is one of the 25 largest superyachts in the world, measuring 394 feet long with 3 pools, and 7 cabins, and can accommodate 14 […]

What can $300 MILLION buy you?? Russian Billionaire’s Mega Yacht Part 1