Is there anything better than offshore racing? You know the action is gonna get good when you start seeing Monster semi trucks rolling through town with cargo like this! These boats are barely off idle when they are doing 60 mph across the water. These guys do up to 130 mph ON […]

Insane EPIC 115 mile race!

It is safe to say that this guys is SUPER into his girlfriend, and rightfully so! We were waiting for the slow-mo of him motor-boating, but we guess that is coming in another video. GoPro technology has come so far from the first generation cameras we remember!  It has come […]

What’s Better; That They’re Waterproof, or That They Do SlowMo?

Would you guys take one of the first DJ1 Phantom Quadcopters out on the open ocean?? Clearly this guy knows how to fly the quadcopter, because the shots he got of him and his crew jumping off the concrete ship into those blue waters are just incredible. Bimini Bahama water is […]

Documenting Your Dinghy Drama

Flying a helicopter is challenging under the best circumstance, and landing on a runway can be challenging, but combining the two together on a rocking boat in the middle of the ocean?!? That is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. This pilot has some pretty smooth skills, with no hesitation as he comes in […]

You wont BELIEVE where these guys land!

Non-newtonian fluid is some pretty amazing stuff.  When you move through it slowly, it’s just like any other slightly thickened solution, BUT it has a viscosity that is dependent on its sheer rate or  tensile stress rate, and it turns into a near solid when a sudden pressure is exerted on […]

Ever see someone walk on “water”?

Douglas Marine likes to compare themselves to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati, and BMW.  While it can sometimes be tough to compare toys with 4 wheels, 2 wheels, and no wheels, we can certainly see the parallels between supercars, motorcycles, and these maritime toys that can his 195 mph! The crystal clear […]

HOT Women, CLEAR Water, and Wicked FAST BOATS