Summer is the perfect time to have fun in the water, either on your boat, or with one of these! What better way to amplify the fun than with water toys?! Below is the list of 8 insane water toys everyone must try. 8. Subwing – A handheld fin that […]

8 Insane Water Toys Everyone Must Try!

So many amazing RC Boats to choose from! Let’s go: #7. Walmart Cheapo #6. HPR-233 25000 Watt #5. Traxxas M41 #4. Bruder RC Tractor & Boat #3. RC Boat Ferry with Tanks! #2. RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000 #1. Traxxax Launched Speed Boat  

Top 7 RC Boats!

Chances are, we all remember boating trips with our dad, but how many of our dads actually built a boat for us?!? We first saw this when one of our fans submitted it to us! We have to admit, we never had anything THIS COOL when WE were growing up! […]

Parenting Done Right??