It is a fact that technology really plays a significant role in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. Unarguably, the  U.S. Navy also uses the most innovative technology that can help them to perform better than anyone else on the water. Through the continuous […]

U.S. Navy’s Trillion Dollar Future Technology

 Now we’ve seen inflatable PFDs and even folding RIB boats, but we’ve never seen a normal sailboat with an inflatable sail!  But, this prototype sail-wing designed by Edouard Kessi,and his friend Laurent de Kalbermattenusing, uses technologies used in aviation and navy to make sailing a much simpler affair! How does this French invention make […]

Will This Inflatable Sail Revolutionize Sailboats??

Summer is the perfect time to have fun in the water, either on your boat, or with one of these! What better way to amplify the fun than with water toys?! Below is the list of 8 insane water toys everyone must try. 8. Subwing – A handheld fin that […]

8 Insane Water Toys Everyone Must Try!