Shipping cargo across the ocean is no easy task, but recovering it can be even harder!  The Baltic Ace, not to be confused with Mazda’s Cougar Ace we told you about, had 8 cargo decks, and she was loaded up with approximately 5000 cars when sank in the North Sea […]

Removing a Sunken Ship And Her Cargo is Amazing!

We’ve talked about boat safety and boaters insurance before, but sometimes, you are simply at the mercy of the ocean!  That’s when we start thinking we might need a little Dramamine just to watch these videos! Don’t believe us? Check out THIS compilation of insane waves!!

Compilation of Ships in the Biggest Ocean Seas We’ve EVER Seen!!

You will surely be amazed at this enormous and large shipping vessel known as Blue Marlin when it arrives at the Rotterdam harbor, after it traveled for about 57 days. Being the sister ship of MV Black Marlin, Blue Marlin is also an incredibly heavy lift type of ship and […]

Amazing Ship Shipping Ship You Have to See to Believe

This Shipping Fail may pale in comparison to the Cougar Ace debacle, but we bet that is of little consolation to whoever bought these cars at an auction in Japan and had them shipped to Russia.  Unless the goal was ultimately to just cash in a big insurance check, the […]

Shocking Shipping Shortcuts!

The bigger the ship, the bigger the shipping problems can be!  Mazda found this out back in 2006, when a container ship carrying over 4,700 brand new cars on the 55K ton Cougar Ace keeled over!  This $100 million plus 655 foot-long ship with 14 decks drained her starboard ballast […]

How Mazda Lost Almost 5,000 Cars At Sea!!