7/30/17 – During the Offshore Powerboat Association St. Clair River Classic event in Michigan, Keith Holmes’ 40-foot Cat Can Do Skater Powerboats catamaran and the Miss GEICO, a 44-foot Victory catamaran throttled by Scott Begovich and driven by Marc Granet, were involved in a racing crash.  Keith was the throttleman […]

Offshore Race Boat Owner and Throttleman Keith Holmes Passes Away In Race Crash

Sprint Boat Racing
The American Sprint Boat Racing is one of the events that people who are into racing look forward to. It is a racing sport that involves the use of jet boats with more than 1000 horsepower to race at more than 80 MP/H, pulling up to 7G’s. This event takes […]

This Is The BEST Racing On Television!

Is there anything better than offshore racing? You know the action is gonna get good when you start seeing Monster semi trucks rolling through town with cargo like this! These boats are barely off idle when they are doing 60 mph across the water. These guys do up to 130 mph ON […]

Insane EPIC 115 mile race!