July 19, 2017 – A fire did over a million dollars in damage and consumed as many as 20 boats in a fire at the Pottsboro, TX U Dock at Highport Marina.  It took hours to put out the fire that was so big, it could be seen from miles […]

Massive Dock Fire Consumes Over 20 Boats!!

Back in 2014, this mega yacht was being towed back into dock when the drawbridge malfunctioned and led to this spectacular fail. The east span of the Broad Causeway Bridge failed to get to its locked position. Thankfully the bridge operator, who had 20 years worth of experience, engaged the […]

Bridge Fail Causes Monster Problem for Rockstar Yacht!

As fun as boating is, there are times when unfortunate accidents happen, and when they do, you’ll find out just how good your boat insurance coverage is.  We won’t try and pick which insurance is best for you, but try and give you a couple things to look for. One […]

What’s the Best Boat Insurance? Things To Look For When Shopping!