The best thing that happened to Saturday Night Live in the last decade Is easily The Lonely Island, along with T-Pain, who gave is this awesome, hilarious, funny boating anthem that is still going strong!  What is YOUR “I’m On A Boat” Jam? Why not act Like A Boss and […]

Did This Single Video Increase Boat Sales?!?

One thing we remember from our youth is fishing with our Dad!  Sometimes, some of his friends came along.  We’re pretty sure our dad was friends with EACH of these fishing stereotypes; which one are you?!?

Fishing Stereotypes – Which One Are YOU?!?

We’ve talked about how to find good boat insurance, and accidents are really no laughing matter.  But, every now and then, an insurance ad comes along and makes is laugh.  This is one of those ads! Of course, all kidding aside, this is a good remind to always wear your […]

One Minutes, You’re Enjoying Your Boat. And, the Next…??