One thing we remember from our youth is fishing with our Dad!  Sometimes, some of his friends came along.  We’re pretty sure our dad was friends with EACH of these fishing stereotypes; which one are you?!?

Fishing Stereotypes – Which One Are YOU?!?

Sure, you and your buddies love to go fishing, but which of them make the BEST companions? #5. The Cougar She knows what she wants, and how to get it! And, she loves fishing and she’s pretty easy on the eyes. #4. The Hottie This may not be a good […]

Top 5 Best Fishing Buddies

Would you guys take one of the first DJ1 Phantom Quadcopters out on the open ocean?? Clearly this guy knows how to fly the quadcopter, because the shots he got of him and his crew jumping off the concrete ship into those blue waters are just incredible. Bimini Bahama water is […]

Documenting Your Dinghy Drama