The bigger the ship, the bigger the shipping problems can be!  Mazda found this out back in 2006, when a container ship carrying over 4,700 brand new cars on the 55K ton Cougar Ace keeled over!  This $100 million plus 655 foot-long ship with 14 decks drained her starboard ballast […]

How Mazda Lost Almost 5,000 Cars At Sea!!

We showed you the best; here are the friends that fail EVERY time you take them fishing! #5.  The girl who THINKS she can fish Sure, she makes great eye candy, but do YOU want to fish, or just help out? #4. Your Krazy Russian friends We love our Russian […]

Top 5 Worst Fishing Buddies

What can we say about THIS video off the coast of San Francisco that hasn’t been said before; epic fail, bad idea boating, just plain expensive? It doesn’t take a degree to know this wasn’t a good idea! This 35 foot boat goes from million dollar toy to million and a […]

Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE FAIL Dubstepified!