Overloading and inexperience seem to be a common factor in all the videos we see where a boat sinks.  We’re willing to bet he also didn’t have life jackets for everyone. We just hope he had good insurance, because this will be an expensive claim: The moral here is don’t […]

Why This Boat Sinks Is Obvious, But It Shocked The People Onboard!

The $39M megayacht Yogi, practically brand new, award-winning, and nothing short of epic, sank in the Aegean in 2012.  She had just left port, both her engines overheated, AND what was supposed to be a watertight door blew open, and she rapidly sunk.  Luckily, the Greek Coast Guard was able […]

Megayacht Sinking Calls In The Greek Coast Guard!

Back in 2014, this mega yacht was being towed back into dock when the drawbridge malfunctioned and led to this spectacular fail. The east span of the Broad Causeway Bridge failed to get to its locked position. Thankfully the bridge operator, who had 20 years worth of experience, engaged the […]

Bridge Fail Causes Monster Problem for Rockstar Yacht!

We just showed you another driver losing a boat off a trailer, and we are honestly shocked at how often we see fail videos like this! We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to secure your load when traveling with your boat! And, that doesn’t mean JUST the boat! […]

Another Boat Hits The Road!

This Shipping Fail may pale in comparison to the Cougar Ace debacle, but we bet that is of little consolation to whoever bought these cars at an auction in Japan and had them shipped to Russia.  Unless the goal was ultimately to just cash in a big insurance check, the […]

Shocking Shipping Shortcuts!