Fishing off the Gold Coast of Australia is always a good time!  Yellow Tail Kingfish, a nice alternative to tuna, is always a good option there.  These folks out to catch some, and here are their results! You can find much of the same equipment they used over at our Amazon […]

They Took Their New Offshore Boat Out Fishing Then Caught THIS!!

We could tell you about these amphibious vehicles, but you have to see them to believe them! 7. Sherp ATV It looks like a terrain truck but it can perform more than what a truck can. It clears many obstacles with its inflatable four wheels. You can use it everywhere […]

7 Outrageous Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See To Believe!

Chances are, we all remember boating trips with our dad, but how many of our dads actually built a boat for us?!? We first saw this when one of our fans submitted it to us! We have to admit, we never had anything THIS COOL when WE were growing up! […]

Parenting Done Right??

Our story begins when The Natural Environment Research Council needed a name for their new  £287 million research vessel. In an attempt to get the public interested in their science endeavors, they opened a poll with the hashtag #nameourship, where UK citizens could submit names and vote for the name […]

Boaty McBoatface is DEAD!

Is there anything better than offshore racing? You know the action is gonna get good when you start seeing Monster semi trucks rolling through town with cargo like this! These boats are barely off idle when they are doing 60 mph across the water. These guys do up to 130 mph ON […]

Insane EPIC 115 mile race!

Would you guys take one of the first DJ1 Phantom Quadcopters out on the open ocean?? Clearly this guy knows how to fly the quadcopter, because the shots he got of him and his crew jumping off the concrete ship into those blue waters are just incredible. Bimini Bahama water is […]

Documenting Your Dinghy Drama