The best thing that happened to Saturday Night Live in the last decade Is easily The Lonely Island, along with T-Pain, who gave is this awesome, hilarious, funny boating anthem that is still going strong!  What is YOUR “I’m On A Boat” Jam? Why not act Like A Boss and […]

Did This Single Video Increase Boat Sales?!?

We just showed you another driver losing a boat off a trailer, and we are honestly shocked at how often we see fail videos like this! We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to secure your load when traveling with your boat! And, that doesn’t mean JUST the boat! […]

Another Boat Hits The Road!

When you go boating, it’s important to know how to how park your boat.  Now, some boats are designed to be beach landed!  And, hey, who HASN’T done it on a nice soft beach? but, this just might be the WORST way to do it: How should you REALLY do […]

Could This Be The WORST Thing You Can Do To Your Boat?!?

Just because this Liberty V-12 Boat Engine is from World War I doesn’t mean it’s not a mean nasty beast! Now, we couldn’t just leave with a video of a guy idling his boat! Unfortunately, for that exact boat, that is all we could find. But, while Split Second is […]

Wait Until You HEAR This V-12 Boat!

Now, we’ve all seen amphibious planes, but let’s be honest, they make terrible boats.  But could a boat make a better airplane than an airplane is a boat?  Let’s find out! We’ve seen quite a few versions of that, and while they look like fun, we have to wonder if […]

Do airplanes make better boats, or do boats make better airplanes??