Amazing Submarine Kayak tour through the Kelp Forest!

Did you guys know #submarine history goes as far back as the American Revolution?!? The world’s first submarine was invented by David Bushnell, was called the American Turtle, looked like an acorn big enough for just one person, and was used for the same thing most submarines are used for today; destroying enemy ships.

The Brits even invented a Kayak Submarine they used during World War II!


This kayak, however, serves a much more benign purpose; just some recreational paddling around. He may not be Captain Nemo, but take a look!

This kayak submarine is just nuts, and if you are claustrophobic, this is not for you.  The engineering here is really creative, complete with an intricate oxygen system, and fish tail mechanical propulsion. This guy has a fantastic understanding of how submarines work.


We would LOVE to take this out for a cruise, but would you trust your own engineering and fabrication to take that thing underwater? How about THIS instead??

MIGALOO the Submersible Yacht!!


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