Ignoring This Safety Tip Can Lead To Disasterous Consequences!

As boaters, we hear or read about tons of tips, but this one safety tip may be the most important one.  In fact, this isn’t even as much of a tip as it is a good standard operation procedure if you have a boat with an enclosed engine compartment where fumes could build up.

Before you start up after a fuel up, you need to make sure you have no fumes built up in your bilge/engine compartment. To do this, follow these basic steps:

  • Clean up any gas spills.
  • Run your bilge blower for a few minutes if you have one.
  • Do an actual sniff test!  If there was any fuel spilled that you didn’t see, the blower won’t clear those fumes out, so actually open the compartment and make sure you don’t smell any fuel.

Following these basic steps can help you avoid an explosion.  And, we’re not talking about a little flare up. See what it can really look like:

Also, make sure you pour the gas into the actual gas tank!

Boat Explodes, Injuring 3, After Gas Pumped Into Fishing Rod Holder!

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