Russian Billionaire Finally Moves From Statue of Liberty

Tourists are breathing a sigh of relief after Russian billionaire (no, not this one) Eugene Shvidler has finally left New York harbor and quit blocking the view to the Statue of Liberty.

William Farrington

Statue Of Liberty view Blocked – Photo by William Farrington

While this may sound like an episode of House of Cards, this has been the reality for tourists.  For over a week, the Le Grand Bleu Yacht has been legally anchored, but has been annoying everyone in New York.  She is an impressive boat, with two 4,570 bhp Deutz engines, and carries both a 68-foot powerboat AND a 73-foot sailboat onboard with her!

Not even THAT impressive of a yacht, when he could’ve had THIS

What can $300 MILLION buy you?? Russian Billionaire’s Mega Yacht Part 1

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