Just What Happened To Sailing Yacht A??

ARTICLE UPDATE: Rough Seas ahead for Sailing Yacht A!!    Keep reading to hear about the trouble she’s had since being launched!

Andrey has outdone himself this time around!  After trading in is motorboat (ship, yacht?), his new superyacht, named Sailing Yacht A, is a staggering 468 feet long and has insane masts measuring almost 300 feet high, making it the largest sailing ship in the world. We guess he was tired of being lumped in with the other 25 largest superyachts in the world, and he felt the need to the the top dog!

This new ship launch at the end of 2015 and is one of the most innovative sailing ships the world has ever seen. The three masts which give this yacht its staggering height measurement are made out of carbon fiber and will be the largest and purported to be the strongest freestanding composite structures in the world. Considering the fact they are taller than the world’s largest wind turbine, by just a few feet, this might be true!  The keel is also a piece of innovative history.  It contains a piece of curved fiberglass measuring 193 square feet,  weighs 2 tons, and should be able to put with with any waves this massive superyacht is ever likely to encounter in its lifetime. When there isn’t enough wind to provide adequate thrust, it can and will be powered by 2 MTU 3,600kW diesel engines and 2 4,300kW electric motors, making its carbon footprint significantly lower than other superyachts similar in size.

It has finally started sailing!!

But, for all this impressive potential, we have yet to see any videos of this sailing! If you think sailing is too boring, how about a Private SUBMARINE?!?

MIGALOO the Submersible Yacht!!

Update: According to this article, Sailing Yacht A has been spending plenty of time at sea going through sea trials, but when they pulled into port to re-fuel, they were not allowed to return to sea. The yacht was due to be delivered to Andrey Melnichenko in the spring; however, legal issues may put that in jeopardy. Sailing Yacht A is currently arrested, as reported by the Gibraltar Chronicle!! Nobiskrug (the German ship yard that built her) has a 15.3 million euro admiralty claim for breach of contract! They claim that Valla Yachts Limited (Sailing Yacht A’s Bermuda based registered owner) is behind on the scheduled payments.

Andrey and his camp of people find it quite bold that a ship yard like Nobiskrug is pulling something like this. To Andrey, this is pocket change, and a little lateness is to be expected on a project of this scale. But Andrey took a huge financial risk on this super yacht; he had to spend massive amounts of R&D before he knew if his vision was even possible. The hybrid diesel-electric propulsion systems, along with the sails, keeps Sailing Yacht A’s carbon foot print relatively small in comparison, making her as innovative as she is visually stunning. Andrey also plans to regain some of the initial cost by licensing the technology developed for the vessel for commercial applications. Clearly, Andrey is good for the money.  Do YOU think the shipyard was right to arrest the boat, or do you think they are just throwing their weight around?? Comment below and let us know!

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