Fastest Yacht In The WORLD?!?

Like most billionaires out to make a statement, John Staluppi set out with a dream: to build a mega yacht that could not only go 50 knots , but also be utterly massive, at a truly mind boggling and staggering 130 feet in total length. After getting laughed off ship yards when he asked them to help build a yacht to these, some would say ridiculous, standards, he created his own company and built the mega yacht you see here!

 It’s name is, much like it’s length, the long-winded but aptly named “The World Is Not Enough” (we are guessing he just MIGHT be a James Bond film fan), that is featured in this video below. This insane dream yacht is 140 feet long and has a top speed of 75 miles per hour, which exceeds the initial goal by a staggering fifty percent! Speed was not enough when it came to designing this yacht, complete with a his and hers bathroom, a king sized bed, a formal dining room, a country kitchen, a sky lounge, a full bar, and room big enough for 10 guests to socialize and mingle with each other in comfort!  

This yacht is nothing short of pure, unadulterated luxury. And, with a yacht this size, it was crucial to keep everything light, so they could still reach over that truly impressive 75 knots.  Space aged honeycomb material is the key to keeping everything light, while still looking heavy and ornate, but without all the added weight penalty of what usually accompanies this kind f styling. Of course, horsepower is another essential piece of this puzzle, and this yacht obviously has is on reserve, with 2 massive diesel engines, 2 backup turbine engines, which in tandem produce a jaw dropping 20,000 horsepower. Who else has an extra 30 million dollars just lying around, which is what this massive display of opulence cost?? But is it more impressive than….

Russian Billionaire’s mega yacht Part 2

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