Documenting Your Dinghy Drama

Would you guys take one of the first DJ1 Phantom Quadcopters out on the open ocean?? Clearly this guy knows how to fly the quadcopter, because the shots he got of him and his crew jumping off the concrete ship into those blue waters are just incredible. Bimini Bahama water is so blue, you can see your SeaVee boat’s shadow on the ocean floor.  Seriously, sign us up and let us know the next time you are going! Hopefully, the owner was able to keep this thing in good condition.  The DJ1 is no longer being produced, so if his took a dive, he is absolutely out of luck! With a 10 -15 minute flight time, the video they made is absolutely seamless, and it is pretty impressive show smooth these shots are!  Pros would be jealous!

What is YOUR favorite thing about this video?  We are torn between the Lana Del Rey Summertime Sadness remix soundtrack, the great boats these guys are out on, the epic footage from the quadcopter, and what can only be described and perfect open water!

But, if you have aspirations of filming YOUR adventures with a quad copter, you may want to check out their Tips & Tricks video first!

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