The Navy Just Launched A New Ship And You Have To See It!

We have told you about some of the future technology the Navy is looking at, but this ship they just launched is impressive in it’s own right!   We’re glad this went better than some of the other launches we’ve seen, because the USS Billings cost the US government roughly $300 MILLION!!

The USS Billings, also known as LCS-15, is the Freedom class type of Littoral Combat Ship built by Lockheed Martin, a smaller vessel intended to be stealthy and operate much closer to shore than other US Navy ships.  They have numerous types of defenses, including guns, missiles, and even some with unmanned vehicles, including UAVs and underwater vehicles.

Check out how smoothly THIS launch went!

What happens when launches DON’T go so well??

Big Ship Launches End Up With BIG Problems!

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