Bridge Fail Causes Monster Problem for Rockstar Yacht!

Back in 2014, this mega yacht was being towed back into dock when the drawbridge malfunctioned and led to this spectacular fail. The east span of the Broad Causeway Bridge failed to get to its locked position. Thankfully the bridge operator, who had 20 years worth of experience, engaged the brakes as quick as he could, causing the span to come down slowly. If it had come down in a free fall, it likely would have cut the boat in half!!

The bridge was 60 years old and was deemed “functionally obsolete” by the Florida Department of Transportation in 2010. The bridge was set to begin its multi-million dollar repair job in 2015; too little too late for the Rockstar Yacht.

Thankfully, none of the 15 people on board were injured. The boat was owned by Russell Weiner, who is the founder of Rockstar Energy. The mega Yacht was a 2009 build that won a world super yacht award “Judges Special Commendation” in 2010. The interior or the boat is phenomenal and well designed. The yacht is an aluminum hull with 2 caterpillar main engines that put out 2,250hp each. This yacht boasts a cruising speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 18 knots. The yacht has a range of 2,500 nautical miles thanks to its 60,945 liter fuel tanks!

Since all the drama, the boat has been up for sale and is not doing very well. We bet there was a hefty insurance claim in there.  The initial asking price was 21 mil; as of February 2016, the price was down to 17.9 mil, and as of today, it is still for sale at 16.9 mil. If the sale price is too hefty, you can charter her for a quarter of a million dollars per week!

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