KRAZY JetSki Fail You Won’t BELIEVE!

There is just something about personal watercraft that brings out the worst in people.  Maybe the reason they seem to be involved in more accidents than other boats is their speed, or maybe it’s because they are small that people do not take them seriously as boats, or maybe it is just their low cost that leads to high volumes. Whatever the reason, we sure seem to see so many videos involving them!

This one just happened at a spot known as The Wedge in California.  Now, riding in the waves can be fun if you REALLY know what you are doing, but can you tell this operator doesn’t?  We know that the rental place told them to stay away form the wall, but we’re sure their personal injury lawyers will still take this case!  Well, just watch:

Now, we know they are pretty maneuverable, and you can see some people take them in some pretty tight space!  If you don’t believe us, check THESE guys out!

You won’t BELIEVE these guys!! INSANE Jetski Trip!!

But the first riders CHOICE to go near the rocks in HUGE surf!  Maybe they were experienced and didn’t realize just how much the surf would affect them, but what can you say about these NEXT riders??


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