JetSki Fails Part2

According to Coast Guard statistics, Personal Watercraft (PWCs) rank second in top casualty numbers, and between them open motorboats, they vastly eclipse all other vessel types for injuries and death. They are a small number of PWCs relative to other boats (for example, 17% in California in 1997), but over VASTLY over-represented in injuries (22 percent of the injuries and a whopping 52% of deaths in the same year!)!  The top contributing factors of fatalities are (in order) alcohol use, operator inattention, operator inexperience, and excessive speed.  In this case, it was likely one or more.

Here is another angle of the amazing rescue of those riders from Part I:

They were VERY lucky to get rescued and not become one of those statistics!

But what can you say about these NEXT riders??

They were having so much fun, and then… THIS!!

With that said, not EVERY jetski video ends like that…


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