JetSki Fails 3

The nice thing about skis is, not EVERYONE is oblivious to what is going on!  This guy must have taken some online classes in how to be a good Samaritan (do they offer those??) on a personal watercraft, because watch this jetski rescue!

Now, they use personal watercraft frequently to tow surfers into big waves. One would think that those guys are real pros, but things happen even to them! Watch this 2005 incident!

Now, if you can’t even get on a jetski, is that the fist sign that you shouldn’t be riding one to begin with? Do you think these people had a few too many Budweiser beers?

If you are not already en experienced boater, we please ask that you consider taking a Boating Safety Course (click here to find one) which can found found in more states for $29.95, which is a small price to pay for something that can save a life!  If you know someone else who could use a course, please share this with them!  There are even courses dedicated to Personal Watercraft Riders!


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