Russian Slave Fishing Ship with 18 Miles Of Illegal Gillnets Seized!

In Indonesia, Interpol has seized a ship carrying 18 mils (30km) of illegal gillnets that had evaded capture in several other countries, including China.  This ship has been called “a risk to almost all marine life” by some, and according to Reuters, the STS-50 being run by a crew of Russians and Indonesians, the latter of which appeared to have been out to sea for quite some time and had absolutely no documentation on them.  This suggests that perhaps they were not there voluntarily.  The ship had previously flown 8 different flags trying to avoid capture, was captured by China, and managed to somehow escape.

To give you an idea of just how many nets they were carrying, realize that a ship can typically see up to 10 or so nautical miles to the horizon due to the curvature of the earth.  These nets would stretch to almost 15 nautical miles, meaning they would not even be able to see the end of the nets on a good day!

We hope an example is set of this boat.  THIS is the kind of fishing we prefer:

They Took Their New Offshore Boat Out Fishing Then Caught THIS!!

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