Example of What NOT To Do In HUGE Surf!

In Tahiti, there is a little village called Teahupo’o (a name that translates roughly to “head chopper”) that is famous for it’s huge surf break.  This break not only draws tons of surfers, but also it a place boats congregate and take passenger for wild rides.  It has sadly taken the lives of many surfers, and these folks were lucky to escape a similar fate!  They may have been having fun, right up until THIS happened!

The moral of THIS story is twofold; never set sail with a captain you don’t trust (ask the crew of the Maersk about that one!), and ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET!  We understand than when you are relaxing, you might not need a vest, but is there any logic in not wearing one in THESE waves?!?  Some statistics suggest that at least 80% of recreational boating fatalities are people who are not wearing one, and it doesn’t take a big leap of faith to figure out the likelihood of drawing is far higher without one. We’d wager the folks in the Donzi Boat weren’t wearing them either!

Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE Drop Dubstepified!

Why do so many people still go to Teahupo’o (or just Teahupoo) and risk the huge waves? To surf, of course!  Now, if being out on your boat seems Krazy, what can you say about those brave surfers who risk life and limb for that ultimate adrenaline rush?  We don’t know what to say either, but we sure love to watch them!  Here’s some raw footage from 2013, when the surf was as big as it ever gets!

Of course, being towed in with a personal watercraft (PWC) comes with it’s own risks.  Look at the close call this surfer has with a PWC at the 1:46 marker in this next video!

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