Can a Huge Marlin Sink You Boat?!?

The one thing you don’t expect when you set out for a day of fishing is to end up needing to be rescued yourself! But that’s just what happened to THESE fisherman!

Now, you don’t have tons of experience fishing to see this and wonder how a fishing line could be strong enough to do this. ┬áBut, we don’t have to wait long before this video lets us know what the REAL problem was: “The captain is said to have slipped while putting the boat unto reverse to back down on the fish…hit the throttle into full reverse and take on water”.

This video teaches us four┬áVERY important things; don’t put your boat in full reverse and fill it up with water, only go fishing or boating with a captain that knows what they’re doing, be prepared for the worst, and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD INSURANCE!

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