What’s Better; That They’re Waterproof, or That They Do SlowMo?

It is safe to say that this guys is SUPER into his girlfriend, and rightfully so! We were waiting for the slow-mo of him motor-boating, but we guess that is coming in another video. GoPro technology has come so far from the first generation cameras we remember!  It has come to the point of being able to film 240 frames per seconds, which means that when you go back and edit your video, you can still keep the video looking high res even when you slow it way, WAY down! It makes capturing and creating beautiful video of your adventuring that much easier.  Don’t believe us? Check THIS video out:

BUT, there is a catch!  A fun fact you need to know before you take your GoPro under water, take a bunch of photos, and then only realize they are ruined when you get back from your vacation (ask us how WE know!) is this; if you want your GoPro to take the amazing, crystal clear, in focus videos you see here when you go under water, you MUST purchase a SPECIAL GoPro case that does NOT come standard with the kit!  (And, if you ask us, this case is NOT cheap!)  Yes, you read that right; if you want to get clear video or even photos while you and you camera are under water, the waterproof case that comes with you GoPro WILL NOT DO IT, because, while it will keep water out, it does NOT allow the camera to clearly focus.  If you want to focus under the water like you see in all the epic videos GoPro shows you, you have to purchase a complete separate dive case, which is specially designed to let your camera focus when you are under the water! But, if you are just filming things in slow motion and your camera MIGHT get wet, perhaps the GoPro is in fact the way to go!

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