Insane EPIC 115 mile race!

Is there anything better than offshore racing? You know the action is gonna get good when you start seeing Monster semi trucks rolling through town with cargo like this! These boats are barely off idle when they are doing 60 mph across the water. These guys do up to 130 mph ON THE WATER!  If you get to HALF that speed, you are already moving pretty well!

In fact, these boats go SO fast, they take two people to drive!  Once person is the driver, and they just steer the boat, navigating through the waves!  The second person’s job, who is called the throttleman,just works the throttle in conjunction with the driver’s steering inputs. Could you imagine if you only steered your car, while your passenger was the one responsible for both the throttle and the braking?

Signing wavers is a part of pretty much any racing we can thing of, But when you have to have a replica of your machine that you use to practice emergency escaping while you are in a swimming pool, you know it is no joke! When you can practically outrun the helicopter that s trying to film you, you are really really moving! And it might look smooth, but inside, it is anything but smooth!  These guys get pounded wave after wave, and we have to really wonder how long their careers really are when they have to put up with that kind of abuse while they are skimming across the waves.

To us, not only are the guys in the boat impressive, but how about the engineering that goes into these boats??  Race cars are either on the throttle, or on the brakes, but the motors (plural!!) on these boats are pretty much at full 99% throttle almost the entire time while getting brutally pounded wave after wave!

But the real question is, is it more fun than fishing??

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