Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE FAIL Dubstepified!

What can we say about THIS video off the coast of San Francisco that hasn’t been said before; epic fail, bad idea boating, just plain expensive? It doesn’t take a degree to know this wasn’t a good idea!

This 35¬†foot boat goes from million dollar toy to million and a half dollar insurance claim quicker than you can say dub step! Could you imagine your mortgage evaporating in a few seconds? Now, these waves are probably at LEAST 20 feet high, and judging by the air this guy got, that HAD to be a rough landing, but we’ll give them credit for trying! ¬†Here they go:

It was rough enough to crack the hull in half!! Some offshore accident lawyer must have had a field day with THIS insurance claim!

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Suffice to say, the folks on board did not fair much better than the boat and suffered multiple broken bones. That must have been one tough recovery, but at least they managed to make it back to shore alive!

Any way to make that BETTER? How about with some dubstep and a remix??

Hope they were wearing their life vests! They might have ALMOST had a day as bad as THESE GUYS:

INSANE 7 Person Boat Crash!!


Turn Down For FAIL!!

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