Dinghy Derby Blind Corner Carnage!

The cheapest and most exciting gasoline fueled racing on water – Dinghy Racing!! Blind corners and no brakes make for some intense moments in the heat of the moment. Luckily these guys escaped without injury and only an engine to rebuild!

This racing could only come from one place; Australia!  Where ELSE could you get away with anything like this? And, while it sure looked pretty bad, they really got off lucky.  These little dinghy’s might have ONLY a 30 hp motor, but it helps these little boats get up to 80 kph!! And the they race all-out for the entire 90 km race at truly impressive, almost unbelievable speeds!

What is really impressive is that, while this race has actually been going on 1981, it is only just recently that the popularity of is has absolutely exploded!  Now that Red Bull has taken noticed and gotten involved in the race series, we are guessing that it won’t go unnoticed for very much longer.


A big bloke up front is vital for dinghy steering © Andy Green/Red Bull Content Pool

Did we mention that the only way these boats can actually make it through these courses is if each one has a passenger (or is he considered a co-driver) called a “swinger”, who has to shift his weight from side to side in other for these boats to actually maneuver through the tight course they race on! In motorcycle racing, this passenger is usually called “the monkey”, and we’re not sure if we would consider them slightly more or slightly less crazy, but one is certain, we would call it almost as entertaining!

So grab a libation, and stay posted as these guys have at it!  And if you think THIS is crazy, wait until you see the 2016 race season videos! (coming soon!)

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