Hidden Boating Danger Creates Raven’s Rule; Don’t Let This Tragedy Happen To You!

When people think the danger at the back of a boat, they often only think of the propeller and what could happen if someone fell off, so they may not be too worries when under way at a slow speed with a few people on the back.  But, going slow can come with it’s own set of dangerous circumstances, especially the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning in the part of the boat sometimes known as the “kill zone”.  That’s just what happened in 2016 for a group out on a ski boat in North Carolina.

According to WMC, they original cause of death was suspected to be drowning, but was later revealed to be carbon monoxide poisoning.  What people often do not realize is that, when moving slowly, the air and exhaust at the back of the boat does not have a good chance to dissipate, so people hanging out over the swim platform or at the very back are in danger of this occurring to them.  The worst thing is that carbon monoxide is both odorless and colorless, and by the time you start the notice the signs, it may be too late.  This also makes another great case for why should be wearing a vest even when you don’t think you need it.

Because of this tragic incident, Raven’s Rule was created to make sure that new boaters are taught about this boating danger in their new boater curriculum.  Be aware of the danger and protect yourself and your passengers from this, too!

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