Sailing Yacht A in Ibiza
We haven’t heard much about Sailing Yacht A in awhile, but it looks like Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko is summering in the crystal waters of Formentera, a small island off Ibiza.  It has given us some of the best shots we’ve seen of the luxury of the yacht! Majestic #SuperYacht A in […]

Sailing Yacht A Arrives in Ibiza!

at anchor close to Liberty Island.William Farrington
Tourists are breathing a sigh of relief after Russian billionaire (no, not this one) Eugene Shvidler has finally left New York harbor and quit blocking the view to the Statue of Liberty. While this may sound like an episode of House of Cards, this has been the reality for tourists. […]

Russian Billionaire Finally Moves From Statue of Liberty

We’ve seen a fair share of yacht and sailing fails, but this compilation may really be the worst.  We’re not even sure what to say about it other than there were many calls made to insurance agents after these expensive mistake.  How many of these could have been prevented by […]

Some Of The Worst Yacht Fails EVER!!

When your tender is nicer than most people’s boats, you know you’re living the luxury lifestyle.  Now, we told you about the J’ade before, but this may be a little more affordable: Now, our only question is, does it REALLY take 6 people to do this?!?

Parking Your Boat In Your Boat – Ultimate Tender Recovery