It’s not quite sailing, and it’s not quite surfing, but you can’t deny that windsurfing is FUN! IF you need more proof, check out these girls! Some people think windsurfing was started by Newman Darby in 1964, although it was actually patented by Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake the 1970.  That patent has […]

Is there ANY Better Way To Be On The Water?!?

In Tahiti, there is a little village called Teahupo’o (a name that translates roughly to “head chopper”) that is famous for it’s huge surf break.  This break not only draws tons of surfers, but also it a place boats congregate and take passenger for wild rides.  It has sadly taken […]

Example of What NOT To Do In HUGE Surf!

The nice thing about skis is, not EVERYONE is oblivious to what is going on!  This guy must have taken some online classes in how to be a good Samaritan (do they offer those??) on a personal watercraft, because watch this jetski rescue! Now, they use personal watercraft frequently to […]

JetSki Fails 3

You may or may not have heard of this big surfing event, but the Da Hui Backdoor shoot out takes place around January every year. Good Swell brings waves 7-8 feet tall to Hawaii’s North Shore, making it the ideal place for a surf competition. The energy and passion these […]

Is there any better way to stay fit than SURFING??