Super Boats

When your tender is nicer than most people’s boats, you know you’re living the luxury lifestyle.  Now, we told you about the J’ade before, but this may be a little more affordable: Now, our only question is, does it REALLY take 6 people to do this?!?

Parking Your Boat In Your Boat – Ultimate Tender Recovery

When you watch a compilation of big ship launching fails, it’s hard not to think of the “bigger they are, the harder they fall” adage.  The only question we have after watching this amazing collection is which one had the biggest insurance claim?? While these fails may be expensive, our […]

Big Ship Launches End Up With BIG Problems!

You will surely be amazed at this enormous and large shipping vessel known as Blue Marlin when it arrives at the Rotterdam harbor, after it traveled for about 57 days. Being the sister ship of MV Black Marlin, Blue Marlin is also an incredibly heavy lift type of ship and […]

Amazing Ship Shipping Ship You Have to See to Believe

The bigger the ship, the bigger the shipping problems can be!  Mazda found this out back in 2006, when a container ship carrying over 4,700 brand new cars on the 55K ton Cougar Ace keeled over!  This $100 million plus 655 foot-long ship with 14 decks drained her starboard ballast […]

How Mazda Lost Almost 5,000 Cars At Sea!!

Let’s cut to the chase: Brad Rowland’s South Bay 925CR just MIGHT be the world’s fastest pontoon boat! Just how fast is it?  Well, even way back in 2011, he set some pretty good numbers, with a set of THREE Mercury 300X outboards! Just how good and how fast? Check it […]

What IS the World’s Fastest Pontoon Boat?!?

This is the Aqua Mania 10, a 50 foot speed boat competing in the Super Boat International off shore racing series in the Turbine class. As with all the other boats in this class, these boats require two operators, throttleman Rick Merola (and also happens to be the owner!) and […]

200 MPH Boats Collide!!