Super Boats

We have told you about some of the future technology the Navy is looking at, but this ship they just launched is impressive in it’s own right!   We’re glad this went better than some of the other launches we’ve seen, because the USS Billings cost the US government roughly $300 […]

The Navy Just Launched A New Ship And You Have To See It!

What do gearheads do when their significant others want to go on a cruise? Up until now, they had to grin and bear it, but now, they can go on the Norwegian Joy; a cruise ship so big, it has it’s own gokart track!Don’t believe us? Check it out: If […]

Gearheads Finally Have a Cruise Ship Designed For Them!

It is a fact that technology really plays a significant role in the daily lifestyle of the millions of people all over the world. Unarguably, the  U.S. Navy also uses the most innovative technology that can help them to perform better than anyone else on the water. Through the continuous […]

U.S. Navy’s Trillion Dollar Future Technology

Sailing Yacht A in Ibiza
We haven’t heard much about Sailing Yacht A in awhile, but it looks like Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko is summering in the crystal waters of Formentera, a small island off Ibiza.  It has given us some of the best shots we’ve seen of the luxury of the yacht! Majestic #SuperYacht A in […]

Sailing Yacht A Arrives in Ibiza!

at anchor close to Liberty Island.William Farrington
Tourists are breathing a sigh of relief after Russian billionaire (no, not this one) Eugene Shvidler has finally left New York harbor and quit blocking the view to the Statue of Liberty. While this may sound like an episode of House of Cards, this has been the reality for tourists. […]

Russian Billionaire Finally Moves From Statue of Liberty