Sailing Yacht A in Ibiza
We haven’t heard much about Sailing Yacht A in awhile, but it looks like Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko is summering in the crystal waters of Formentera, a small island off Ibiza.  It has given us some of the best shots we’ve seen of the luxury of the yacht! Majestic #SuperYacht A in […]

Sailing Yacht A Arrives in Ibiza!

 Now we’ve seen inflatable PFDs and even folding RIB boats, but we’ve never seen a normal sailboat with an inflatable sail!  But, this prototype sail-wing designed by Edouard Kessi,and his friend Laurent de Kalbermattenusing, uses technologies used in aviation and navy to make sailing a much simpler affair! How does this French invention make […]

Will This Inflatable Sail Revolutionize Sailboats??

One of the things we love about sailing is getting to explore new places!  Sailing Doodles went from the Virgin Sound to the Baths and do some exploring! Where would YOU go?

Sailing to New Places!

It’s not quite sailing, and it’s not quite surfing, but you can’t deny that windsurfing is FUN! IF you need more proof, check out these girls! Some people think windsurfing was started by Newman Darby in 1964, although it was actually patented by Hoyle Schweitzer and Jim Drake the 1970.  That patent has […]

Is there ANY Better Way To Be On The Water?!?