We’ve talked about boat safety and boaters insurance before, but sometimes, you are simply at the mercy of the ocean!  That’s when we start thinking we might need a little Dramamine just to watch these videos! Don’t believe us? Check out THIS compilation of insane waves!!

Compilation of Ships in the Biggest Ocean Seas We’ve EVER Seen!!

When you go boating, you have one job; bring everybody back safely.  Now, you may have seen us complaining about the California Boater Card, but our only issues stem with the fact that the fees we pay already don’t cover the additional $30 cost of the card, AND the fact […]

Shocking Boat Crashes Will Make You Wonder What Were They Thinking?!?

#1 Person Overboard Recovery! Yes, we’re starting the list off the one thing you hope you’ll never have to use, but you’ll be glad to have one if you do!  (The list gets more fun as we go, we promise!) We haven’t personally tested the Lifesling MOB Recovery System: Lifesling […]

Top 7 Marine Accessories

In Tahiti, there is a little village called Teahupo’o (a name that translates roughly to “head chopper”) that is famous for it’s huge surf break.  This break not only draws tons of surfers, but also it a place boats congregate and take passenger for wild rides.  It has sadly taken […]

Example of What NOT To Do In HUGE Surf!

According to Coast Guard statistics, Personal Watercraft (PWCs) rank second in top casualty numbers, and between them open motorboats, they vastly eclipse all other vessel types for injuries and death. They are a small number of PWCs relative to other boats (for example, 17% in California in 1997), but over […]

JetSki Fails Part2

The nice thing about skis is, not EVERYONE is oblivious to what is going on!  This guy must have taken some online classes in how to be a good Samaritan (do they offer those??) on a personal watercraft, because watch this jetski rescue! Now, they use personal watercraft frequently to […]

JetSki Fails 3