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Overloading and inexperience seem to be a common factor in all the videos we see where a boat sinks.  We’re willing to bet he also didn’t have life jackets for everyone. We just hope he had good insurance, because this will be an expensive claim: The moral here is don’t […]

Why This Boat Sinks Is Obvious, But It Shocked The People Onboard!

We have told you about some of the future technology the Navy is looking at, but this ship they just launched is impressive in it’s own right!   We’re glad this went better than some of the other launches we’ve seen, because the USS Billings cost the US government roughly $300 […]

The Navy Just Launched A New Ship And You Have To See It!

We’re big fans of renewable energy, and love what companies like Tesla has achieved lately, but this one has us scratching our heads.  While we like the idea of what this this catamaran is trying to accomplish, we can’t ignore the fact that zero emission boats have been around for […]

Is This Really The First Zero Emission Renewable Energy Boat??

What do gearheads do when their significant others want to go on a cruise? Up until now, they had to grin and bear it, but now, they can go on the Norwegian Joy; a cruise ship so big, it has it’s own gokart track!Don’t believe us? Check it out: If […]

Gearheads Finally Have a Cruise Ship Designed For Them!

The Mariana or Marianas Trench is considered as the earth’s deepest part of the ocean. Not many people are aware of the hidden species that live at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.  According to scientific research studies, there is an underwater canyon that is located in the deepest part of the […]

What Lives At The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench?

Are these underwater discoveries really that shocking? Maybe not, BUT they definitely are interesting! Wish we had an underwater kayak to explore some of these! #15 Mutants – Just Kidding, it’s just Ice You might think this blue ice look like a mutant’s lair. The blue thing is really just a […]

15 Most Shocking Underwater Discoveries Caught On Camera!