Personal Water Craft

The nice thing about skis is, not EVERYONE is oblivious to what is going on!  This guy must have taken some online classes in how to be a good Samaritan (do they offer those??) on a personal watercraft, because watch this jetski rescue! Now, they use personal watercraft frequently to […]

JetSki Fails 3

Did you guys know #submarine history goes as far back as the American Revolution?!? The world’s first submarine was invented by David Bushnell, was called the American Turtle, looked like an acorn big enough for just one person, and was used for the same thing most submarines are used for today; […]

Amazing Submarine Kayak tour through the Kelp Forest!

We’re willing to wager twenty bucks that Richard Branson will be in the news and set some world record for this crossing on a PWC too, if the weather holds! In all seriousness, this looks like an epic trip with some epic friends. Being out on that open ocean on your jetski soaking […]

You Won’t Believe where these guys take Jetskis!

Guys, BIG NEWS!! EPIC adventures can truly be had at ANY budget! Their epic trip came in at around three thousand dollars per couple, which is really not too bad considering they hit up some breathtaking spots, got to travel on their own time, and see the sights they wanted […]

EPIC Vacation on a Budget!

Sure, personal water craft (PWCs, since technically, JetSkis are a particular model, the same way that all sportbikes aren’t “Ninjas”) are fun, right up until THIS happens! It s pretty obviously to us what happened, but can you tell what went wrong? There are so many things that went wrong here that […]

They were having so much fun, and then… THIS!!

While traveling around Mountain Sheep Canyon, at Lake Powell, this high speed canyon jet ski captures some amazing footage of the canyon. The unmoving water makes a perfect mirror as though the jet skier looks like he’s flying through the air. Too close for comfort? How about heading to the […]

You won’t BELIEVE these guys!! INSANE Jetski Trip!!