Personal Water Craft

We could tell you about these amphibious vehicles, but you have to see them to believe them! 7. Sherp ATV It looks like a terrain truck but it can perform more than what a truck can. It clears many obstacles with its inflatable four wheels. You can use it everywhere […]

7 Outrageous Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See To Believe!

Summer is the perfect time to have fun in the water, either on your boat, or with one of these! What better way to amplify the fun than with water toys?! Below is the list of 8 insane water toys everyone must try. 8. Subwing – A handheld fin that […]

8 Insane Water Toys Everyone Must Try!

#1 Person Overboard Recovery! Yes, we’re starting the list off the one thing you hope you’ll never have to use, but you’ll be glad to have one if you do!  (The list gets more fun as we go, we promise!) We haven’t personally tested the Lifesling MOB Recovery System: Lifesling […]

Top 7 Marine Accessories

There is just something about personal watercraft that brings out the worst in people.  Maybe the reason they seem to be involved in more accidents than other boats is their speed, or maybe it’s because they are small that people do not take them seriously as boats, or maybe it is […]

KRAZY JetSki Fail You Won’t BELIEVE!

According to Coast Guard statistics, Personal Watercraft (PWCs) rank second in top casualty numbers, and between them open motorboats, they vastly eclipse all other vessel types for injuries and death. They are a small number of PWCs relative to other boats (for example, 17% in California in 1997), but over […]

JetSki Fails Part2