In Indonesia, Interpol has seized a ship carrying 18 mils (30km) of illegal gillnets that had evaded capture in several other countries, including China.  This ship has been called “a risk to almost all marine life” by some, and according to Reuters, the STS-50 being run by a crew of […]

Russian Slave Fishing Ship with 18 Miles Of Illegal Gillnets Seized!

The Mariana or Marianas Trench is considered as the earth’s deepest part of the ocean. Not many people are aware of the hidden species that live at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.  According to scientific research studies, there is an underwater canyon that is located in the deepest part of the […]

What Lives At The Bottom Of The Mariana Trench?

Boaty McBoatface is the name that won when NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) needed a name for their new research vessel, and they thought an internet contest was the best way to come up with a name!  Despite that major win, the vessel was actually named The RRS Sir David Attenborough, […]

Boaty McBoatFace Launches Amazing Mission!! [UPDATE]