In Indonesia, Interpol has seized a ship carrying 18 mils (30km) of illegal gillnets that had evaded capture in several other countries, including China.  This ship has been called “a risk to almost all marine life” by some, and according to Reuters, the STS-50 being run by a crew of […]

Russian Slave Fishing Ship with 18 Miles Of Illegal Gillnets Seized!

Fishing off the Gold Coast of Australia is always a good time!  Yellow Tail Kingfish, a nice alternative to tuna, is always a good option there.  These folks out to catch some, and here are their results! You can find much of the same equipment they used over at our Amazon […]

They Took Their New Offshore Boat Out Fishing Then Caught THIS!!

Sometimes when you’re fishing off your kayak, you catch something really unexpected.  This guy originally thought he snagged his hook on something, but then quickly realized he had something big on the hook: Sounds like he had octopus/calamari for days!  These kids of shots are good reminders why we ALWAYS […]

Surprising Catch On Kayak While Fishing!

One thing we remember from our youth is fishing with our Dad!  Sometimes, some of his friends came along.  We’re pretty sure our dad was friends with EACH of these fishing stereotypes; which one are you?!?

Fishing Stereotypes – Which One Are YOU?!?

The one thing you don’t expect when you set out for a day of fishing is to end up needing to be rescued yourself! But that’s just what happened to THESE fisherman! Now, you don’t have tons of experience fishing to see this and wonder how a fishing line could […]

Can a Huge Marlin Sink You Boat?!?

Everyone has a fishing story about the one that got away, but how many people have video proof? And, out of them, how many get to keep a souvenir?  These guys spent over 20 minutes fighting this huge black marlin, only to have a shark steal it out from under […]

Shark Devours 450 pound Black Marlin!!