We’ve talked about how to find good boat insurance, and accidents are really no laughing matter.  But, every now and then, an insurance ad comes along and makes is laugh.  This is one of those ads! Of course, all kidding aside, this is a good remind to always wear your […]

One Minutes, You’re Enjoying Your Boat. And, the Next…??

Back in 2014, this mega yacht was being towed back into dock when the drawbridge malfunctioned and led to this spectacular fail. The east span of the Broad Causeway Bridge failed to get to its locked position. Thankfully the bridge operator, who had 20 years worth of experience, engaged the […]

Bridge Fail Causes Monster Problem for Rockstar Yacht!

We just showed you another driver losing a boat off a trailer, and we are honestly shocked at how often we see fail videos like this! We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to secure your load when traveling with your boat! And, that doesn’t mean JUST the boat! […]

Another Boat Hits The Road!

Now, we have seen quite a few boating FAILs, but the WORST ONES are when you don’t even make it to the water! Do we need to remind you to SECURE YOUR LOAD? Of course, it IS possible this happened after a day of drinking and boating, and forgetting a […]

It’s a BAD DAY Boating When THIS Happens!!

When you go boating, it’s important to know how to how park your boat.  Now, some boats are designed to be beach landed!  And, hey, who HASN’T done it on a nice soft beach? but, this just might be the WORST way to do it: How should you REALLY do […]

Could This Be The WORST Thing You Can Do To Your Boat?!?

The one thing you don’t expect when you set out for a day of fishing is to end up needing to be rescued yourself! But that’s just what happened to THESE fisherman! Now, you don’t have tons of experience fishing to see this and wonder how a fishing line could […]

Can a Huge Marlin Sink You Boat?!?