We’ve seen a fair share of yacht and sailing fails, but this compilation may really be the worst.  We’re not even sure what to say about it other than there were many calls made to insurance agents after these expensive mistake.  How many of these could have been prevented by […]

Some Of The Worst Yacht Fails EVER!!

Shipping cargo across the ocean is no easy task, but recovering it can be even harder!  The Baltic Ace, not to be confused with Mazda’s Cougar Ace we told you about, had 8 cargo decks, and she was loaded up with approximately 5000 cars when sank in the North Sea […]

Removing a Sunken Ship And Her Cargo is Amazing!

Just about everyone that has been on a boat has had some kind of accident, but watching these ship fail compilations has to make you wonder how much of the cost of shipping is just coverings the insurance bill??  Ever wonder why that package you ordered from overseas took SO […]

Another Compilation of Shocking Ship Crashes!

We’ve talked about boat safety and boaters insurance before, but sometimes, you are simply at the mercy of the ocean!  That’s when we start thinking we might need a little Dramamine just to watch these videos! Don’t believe us? Check out THIS compilation of insane waves!!

Compilation of Ships in the Biggest Ocean Seas We’ve EVER Seen!!

When you go boating, you have one job; bring everybody back safely.  Now, you may have seen us complaining about the California Boater Card, but our only issues stem with the fact that the fees we pay already don’t cover the additional $30 cost of the card, AND the fact […]

Shocking Boat Crashes Will Make You Wonder What Were They Thinking?!?

When you watch a compilation of big ship launching fails, it’s hard not to think of the “bigger they are, the harder they fall” adage.  The only question we have after watching this amazing collection is which one had the biggest insurance claim?? While these fails may be expensive, our […]

Big Ship Launches End Up With BIG Problems!