Overloading and inexperience seem to be a common factor in all the videos we see where a boat sinks.  We’re willing to bet he also didn’t have life jackets for everyone. We just hope he had good insurance, because this will be an expensive claim: The moral here is don’t […]

Why This Boat Sinks Is Obvious, But It Shocked The People Onboard!

While we wouldn’t really call many of these funny, we have to admit we love a good accident or fail compilation.  This one from 2015 is one of krazier compilations we have seen: Haven’t had enough? Check out this Top 10 Fail Compilation  Top 10 MOST EPIC Ship Crashes Compilation!

Epic Krazy Boat Crash and Ship Accident Compilation!

It’s not very often that something that cost $8 Million dollars gets abandoned, but that’s just what happened to the McBarge!  The Friendship 500, as it was actually called, was built by McDonald’s for Expo 86 in Vancouver, Canada, and it was actually incredibly popular.  But, then, once the Expo ended, that’s […]

Can You Believe The McBarge Abandoned After They Spent SO MUCH?

This wake boater encounters more problems they can handle.  The first 6 minutes of the video shows other boats in a little bit of chop recovering, but then things go wrong for the wake boat.  Perhaps the most surprising thing is that, even when things get THIS BAD, nobody on […]

Sinking Of A Wake Boat

There are many boat safety lessons to be learned from this story.  Always make sure you know how to handle your equipment.  Fuel can be especially dangerous if mishandled, and if you don’t know what to do, ask for help!  These guys thought the best way to avoid a spark […]

Boat Explodes, Injuring 3, After Gas Pumped Into Fishing Rod Holder!